Healing Your Inner Child

She’s been through a lot….she’s been hurt, she’s been scared and worst of all – she has kept some limiting beliefs, fears and self-doubt and taken them into her adulthood. Does she sound familiar? I cannot understand what your childhood may have been like and I will not pretend to either, however, the gift that (more…)

April – Mirror Work

Welcome to this month’s bundle on “Mirror Work”. Mirror work is the perfect anecdote for relinquishing  It is the perfect antidote to relinquish the following: + Self-doubt that comes up when you are about to do something amazing in your life. + Fear, fear and more fear. Fear will show up in disguise as anger. For (more…)

The Real You vs Future You

Memories of a life that’s been loved. – Ed Sheeran The above quote bought me to tears and really made me rethink this crazy life and the things I have been chasing. You see, I usually spend more time in my business than I do with my Mum & Dad. I usually spend more time (more…)

Understanding Toxic Relationships

During this beautiful interview with Cosmopolitan expert and counselling psychologist, Athena Laz will be discussing what a toxic relationship looks and feels like. She uncovers some beautiful strategies to turn a toxic relationship into a loving and secure relationship. More often than not people stay in a toxic relationship because they do not feel worthy of (more…)

How To Become More Confident

You need confidence for every adventure, every job interview, when meeting the love of your life, in your relationship, whilst walking past a group of school kids….. This beautiful life with all of it’s scars can be hard sometimes but when you face each moment with a knowing that you will come out the other (more…)

Manifesting Miracles

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – Roald Dahl It is November 2016 and the year has flown by. I have created a workshop for you called Manifesting Miracles and you will be able to learn all the tricks, tips and “woo woo” strategies that I constantly apply into my life (more…)