Welcome to the first bundle of 2017!

As the New Year begins it is such an exciting time. The possibilities are endless and your mind is filled with clarity and freshness on what you want to achieve.

Unfortunately this drive begins to die down by the  second week in Jan. Well this goes for people who are not in the membership site doing a 30 day challenge together.

You get 365 beautiful days to make them whatever you want the to be.

+ Will your days be filled with getting back into shape with a pretty new drink bottle, sweat towel and work out gear?

+ Will you be signing up to new groups in your area filled with new friends to make that have similar interests?

+ Will you be working on healing certain areas of your life so that you can feel lighter, more free and more like yourself….your real self.

+ Will you be spending your days of 2017 focussing on building financial freedom?

Or will your 365 days simply be filled with loving yourself through previous acts of self care and monitoring your self talk?

I’m so excited to move through this journey with you and inspiring you on this journey.

Watch the video below, but before you do that – Print out the worksheet below so that you can follow along with the video and create the best year of your life.


Print out the below goal setting worksheet to reign in your goals easier and with more clarity.
January Goals

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