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Do you wish you had more money to be doing the things that you want?

Do you live from pay check to pay check and feel financially frustrated?

Do you desperately want to release the weight that holds you back from living an adventure filled life?

This membership club is for the women who want to feel the wind in their hair again, this is for the women who want to feel sexy in their skinny jeans again. This Membership Club is for the women who know they can be living a bigger and better life but they just need the right motivation, the right space and the right teacher to inspire and captivate their soul.

Is your soul in need of replenishment?

Each month you will receive a beautifully packaged virtual bundle filled with a video, worksheet, cheat sheet, meditation, audio or all of the above. We will dive deeply into the month’s topic. I will hold a sacred container for you to share your mind, your fears, your self-doubt and your pivotal transformations along the way.

Here’s what’s included.

+ On the first day of every month you will receive a love drenched “bundle”.

+ Live Q&A’s once a month. 

+ Accessibility into our private Bloom In Confidence Members Club Facebook Group. 

+ Access to all the beautiful virtual goodies including meditations, audio’s, desktop wallpaper & print outs.

The membership club is a space for you to come and rest your weary mind. It is a zen place for you to release the clouds in your mind that are blocking your creativity and inner guidance system. Your inner compass will start pointing you in the right direction of your dreams.

For just $20/month you can have all the resources your heart and soul can bear all in the one place. You can lovingly leave the Members Club any time you wish. Sign up below and I will see you inside x

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